HSS was originally founded in 1950 to encourage statehood for Hawai'i and promote camaraderie among its membership. The charter members included kamaainas, who held strong affiliations with the Hawaiian Islands as a result of family, cultural, business, or political ties, but also malihinis who had visited Hawai'i and fell in love with the Islands.

In 1952, HSS became a member of the National Conference of State Societies (NCSS) http://ncss.typepad.com , chartered by Congress with 55 other state and territorial societies. NCSS has continued to foster, promote, and participate in civic, educational, charitable, cultural, and patriotic programs in the DC area.

The HSS membership has grown to over 450 dedicated members and families, committed to spreading the aloha spirit and continuing the many magnificent traditions of Hawai'i. Many members live outside the Washington metropolitan area but continue to support the HSS activities.





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